What is the use of hangout?|how to use google hangouts

what is the use of hangout app:-I think most probably people know about Gmail which is the product of google so similarly as hangout is also one of the google product.hangout is built in 2013 for the communication purpose.so friend in this article I will tell you all about the hangout app and how can we use two this app?

what is the use of hangout?

Hangout is the same as our most popular app like WhatsApp where we can-do message, video calling, WhatsApp calling like that so hangout is also work same as the WhatsApp . But most of the people don’t know about it.

If you want to use this app you can download this app from the play store I also provide a download link of this app.this app downloaded by 1B+ user from the play store.

So here I am Going to tell you how you can use hangouts app in android app step by step.

friends if you want to use this app for that you required Gmail id. I can predict that you know very well about Gmail id.if you don’t have Gmail id so just go through youtube there is a lot of videos available to how to make Gmail id.

after making Gmail id you have to download this app and login with your Gmail id.so friends now as you can see the home page of the hangout app as you can see images that I have posted here. 

how to use hangout,

so friends now turn to use this app for that you can see one + button so just nothing to do just click on that and you can see two other options.

how to use hangout app,
  1. new video call
  2. new conversation.

now press new conversation so after that, you get another option as you can see in images. where you get a search option so just search by phone number, email and name.if your friends use this app so you get that address and you can chat with them. but most of the people don’t want to chat always so hangout also comes with video calling.

if you want to use video call so you do the same process as we did in the conversion process.


so friends google hangout app is fully safe app you can use this app for video calling ,phone calling and message.

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