how to use nordvpn chrome extension in 2020

sometimes we  are required  hide our details  because privacy is very important on internet so we are use vpn service but one the best service is provided by  norvpn  but here we are talked about how to use nord vpn chrome extension in our pc.

What is vpn

Mostly now days lots of vpn service  is provided by organization which is helpful  for us who make you secure in online. vpn full form is virtual private network means that which is creating  private network  from public internet connection. generally when we are using vpn at that time our ip address will be changed accordingly to country wise.

How to use nordvpn chrome extension in 2020

if you want to use norvapn in pc so first you required to download nord vpn  chrome extension. now see step by step all process for that you have read this article at the last you can get idea about how to use nord vpn chrome extension.

  • Search on Google nord vpn chrome extension
  • ”add to chrome” when you click its automatically downloaded but you see on “ pop up” to add extension.
nordvpn chrome extension
  • now your nord vpn extension is added in your top menu bar right side.
nordvpn chrome extension
  • But if you want to use nord vpn you have to take subscription otherwise you can use its free trail account as well.
  • this is step to use nord vpn in pc

So this is simple step to use nord vpn in your pc. if you have any doubt regarding this vpn you can ask. If you like this article please share with your friends.

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