How to Reopen a closed tab in Google chrome step by step 2020

Sometimes we are working on internet at moments we are required browser. Most of people are using goggle chrome or Firefox browser in there pc. some times by mistake or anyhow we close the Google chrome tab.sometime we required that closed tab in Google chrome  so now question is how we can reopen closed tab in Google her  we are telling you all that method that in which we get our restore chrome tabs after crash or by mistake.

Steps of how to reopen a closed tab in Google chrome.

Go to History

This is first method in which you will go to history option. For that you click 3 dot as you can see in image. Choose history option in which you can see recently close tabs. After that you can open your close buy using this method you can reopen close tab in chrome.

how i do open closed tabs in chrome,closed tabs in mac
how to reopen closed tabs in google chrome

how to reopen closed tabs with keyboard in Google chrome.

This is another second method in which you can open a recently close tab. if you want to open your closed tab so you have to press ctrl+shit+t and your page is loaded that you have to close.

If you gain pressing that shortcut key it’s again reopen your pages sequentially.

If you has been closed your entire chrome and suppose you want to again your close tabs you have to press again ctrl+shit+t  again and gain so your specific tabs.

How to restore closed tabs in chrome after restart.

After restart chrome browser we have two options in which we can open close tabs. Firstly you can use shortcut key as I mention early in the paragraph which is shortcut key.

Now Google chrome provided us some setting in chrome browser for that you go to setting option as you can see in images. Chose on startup option>continue where you left off chose this option now if you browser will be crashed you don’t need to worry. Its automatically open you tabs where you left off browser.

how to reopen a closed tab in Google chrome
how to reopen a closed tab in Google chrome
how to reopen a closed tab in Google chrome


so this is three method available for Google using them we can reopen closed tabs in Google chrome. So if sometimes happen with you at that time use this method. If you get any mistake don’t forget to comments and share with your friends.

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