5+) best do not Disturb application for smartphone 2020

Why we need do not disturb apps in our smart phone because in some situation this type of application helps us more. If we doing important meeting or doing conversation with someone at that time  we do not want to any disturbed form our smart phone so at that time we feel  uncomfortable  which our smart  phone making us disturb.

Do not worry about that because we get DND feature in our smart phone. But it’s limited function and may be some people are not happy with limited function. So that apps here are listed who defiantly improve your productivity and give you best DND service.

List of 5 best do not disturb apps for android in 2020.

Generally when  our phone is silent mood at that time our calls ,message and notification  will  be on silent and cant customize .but using do not disturb apps you can customize your number to ring during call so this will benefit you get so here is list of all apps.

Nights keeper (do not disturb)

This app will work you best because here you can give permission who can call you from whitelisted .so doing this steps you can shortlisted your important calls and notification. This app is best work in smartphone without any legging. This app also have different feature in which you can build different profile for week days which is scheduling your time as well as enhance.

Do no disturb

So this another good app which you take some storage you phone because it’s come in second choice which is mute the all calls, notification   alarms sounds. Which is helpful during meeting  and appointment .but wait here by creating profile and white list you can block call who disturb  you except those contact in whitelist.so I  think you should try once this app.

Gaming mode.

During playing gaming if someone calls us which is ruin a gaming experience .so gaming mode app is best for you.beacuse its auto reject all calls when any game we played. After from that its block all notification and silent ringtone volume who ruins game experience

App block –stay focused

App block app is one my favorite app who come under category of do not disturb apps on playstore.by app block app you can block app, site, notification. not  only that, here you can give permission to this app that I do not want to use this app like this time or some location and many more.so  by using this app you can increase your productivity, reduce screen time, reduce pone addiction.

Do no disturb –toggle

This will help you creating shortcut way to on \off your do not disturbed feature  but make sure that you have to this feature in your mobile otherwise   it’s  not working. Best part of using this app is giving us widget on mobile screen to control DND mood of android feature.

So this is best DND apps which work greatly in your device friends and give you best result. Which DND app you are  going to install just comment below.

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